Mobile Apps

Employees will enjoy the convenience and simplicity of calling internationally with PennyTalk Corporate apps for iPhone, BlackBerry and Android.

Key Features

No matter which smartphone your employees carry -- iPhone, BlackBerry or Android -- PennyTalk Corporate offers an easy to use calling app. Some of the key features shared by all versions of the app are shown below.

Dial from Contacts

Dial an international number from the phone's Contacts list or
use the in-app keypad to enter a phone number.

View screens from the iPhone app

View Account Balance

Employees always know the balance of their PennyTalk Corporate account.

View screens from the BlackBerry app

Request Funds

Employees can request funds from the Account Administrator
directly from the app.

View screens from the Android app

Easy to Get, Easy to Use

PennyTalk Corporate apps are free to download and integrate with each phone's Contacts list.  More...

No Wi-Fi Necessary

With PennyTalk Corporate apps, there's no need to search for a Wi-Fi signal to make international calls.  More...

More Than 90% Savings

By using PennyTalk Corporate mobile apps, employees on the road can avoid overpaying for international calls.  More...

To start saving with PennyTalk Corporate, simply sign up online. If you have additional questions or would like assistance, please call a sales representative at 1-888-726-5855, Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm (ET). Or send your questions using our Sales Inquiry Form.

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