International Access Numbers

PennyTalk Corporate international access numbers make it easy and convenient to call from over 30 countries around the world.

Use PennyTalk Corporate From Outside the United States

Whether you’re on the road in Asia or traveling through Europe, PennyTalk Corporate makes it easy and convenient to make calls from foreign locations. With toll-free international access numbers from over 30 countries on 5 continents, PennyTalk Corporate saves your company money even if your workforce is scattered around the world.

Important Information

• All access numbers listed below can be used from landline phones. An "M" next to an access number indicates that it can also be used from a mobile phone; a "P" indicates that it can also be used from a payphone.

• When calling from a country that has a Toll-Free and a Universal Toll-Free number (Australia, for example), the per minute rate charged by PennyTalk Corporate is the same for both numbers, and either number can be used.

• To view rates that apply when calling from these countries, select the appropriate country from the menu on the Rates page.

• Cellular surcharges and airtime charges may apply depending on your cellular service plan; premium rates may also apply. Check with your cellular provider for details.

• When calling from a hotel, please confirm that these numbers are considered toll-free by the hotel and that no additional fees apply. Surcharges may apply for calls made from a payphone.

Dialing Instructions

To make a call from outside the U.S. or Canada, simply follow these instructions:

  1. Dial an access number exactly as it appears below (including the international dialing prefix).

  2. Enter your PennyTalk Corporate Account Number and 4-digit PIN when prompted.

  3. For calls to the U.S. and Canada, dial 1 + area code + the number you wish to call. For other countries, dial 011 + country code + city code + local number.

Country Toll-Free Access Number Universal Toll-Free Access Number
Australia 1-800-150-245 [M,P] 0011-800-2223-7725 [M,P]
Austria 00-800-2223-7725 [P]
Belgium 0800-79897 00-800-2223-7725
Canada 1-877-736-6925 [M,P]
Colombia 01-800-518-0333 [P]
Czech Republic 800-142-098
Denmark 8088-4015 00-800-2223-7725
Finland 0800-117-351 [M] 00-800-2223-7725 [M]
France 0800-90-9408 [M,P] 00-800-2223-7725 [M,P]
Germany 0800-181-1623 00-800-2223-7725
Hong Kong 800-901-531 [M,P] 001-800-2223-7725 [M,P]
Hungary 06-800-14719 [M] 00-800-2223-7725 [M]
India 000-800-100-6277 [M]
Ireland 1800-557-652 [M,P] 00-800-2223-7725 [M,P]
Israel 1-80-930-0078 [M,P] 00-800-2223-7725 [P]
Italy 800-783-124 00-800-2223-7725
Japan 0044-22-12-3383 010-800-2223-7725
Japan 00531-13-0367 010-800-2223-7725
Japan 0066-33-821-390 010-800-2223-7725
Japan 0034-800-400-253 010-800-2223-7725
Korea, South 00308-130-981 [M] 001-800-2223-7725 [M]
Latvia 800-3016 [M,P]
Luxembourg 8002-2843 [P] 00-800-2223-7725 [P]
Malaysia 00-800-2223-7725 [P]
Mexico 01-800-070-0002 [M,P]
Monaco 800-93-235
Netherlands 0800-023-3857 00-800-2223-7725
New Zealand 0800-445-283 00-800-2223-7725
Norway 800-10-277 [M,P] 00-800-2223-7725 [P]
Panama 00-800-226-0211  
Portugal 00-800-2223-7725 [P]
South Korea 00308-130-981 001-800-2223-7725
Spain 00-800-2223-7725 [P]
Sweden 020-791-086 [P] 00-800-2223-7725 [P]
Switzerland 0800-835-627 00-800-2223-7725
Thailand 001-800-13-200-1399 [M]
United Kingdom 0207-993-1251 [local access] 0808-168-9711 [freephone access]
United States 1-877-736-6925 [M,P]
Uruguay 000-401-90-081 [M,P]


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